My work lives at the intersection of storytelling, technology, art, and design. I take on special projects, hard-to-pin-down assignments where empathy and human insight are the priority. The work tends to fall into four categories:



Sometimes there's an implausible, specialized, oversized, or impossible project that needs an owner. Whether it's forecasting the future, writing a book, transforming a global narrative, or staging a show-stopping finale, I can take your idea from concept to completion.



Feel like your idea isn't resolved? Like something's missing? Good design relies on identifying the right needs, and they aren't always the apparent or stated ones. I work with teams to get to the heart of a brief and bring alignment around areas of greatest opportunity and challenge.



Story is the process of translating your concept into a formal structure, a framework. It's an iterative process that ensures that we're hitting all the right notes. When stories work, they build bridges between people and ideas, so investing in story means building a foundation for meaningful exchange.



The nuts and bolts of careful execution, a balance between creative, logistical, managerial, and craft demands. As an art director, I can call the shots, and as an independent contributor, I can do the work, always with a focus on quality and collaboration.