I work at the intersection of storytelling, technology, art, and graphic design, taking on projects where empathy and insight are the priority. The scope includes:



Good design relies on identifying the right needs, and they aren't always the apparent or stated ones. I work with teams to get to the heart of a brief and bring alignment around areas of greatest opportunity and challenge.



Story is the process of translating your concept into a formal structure, a framework. It's a process that ensures we're hitting all the right notes. When stories work, they build bridges between people and ideas, and create empathy and connection.



The nuts and bolts; a balance between creative, logistical, managerial, and craft demands. I collaborate to create design solutions for print, video, and web, with a focus on brand equity.


Special Projects

Sometimes there's an implausible, specialized, oversized, or impossible project that needs an owner. Whether it's forecasting the future, writing a book, transforming a global narrative, or staging a show-stopping finale, I help take ideas from concept to completion.