what this is about.

For many, storytelling is a mystery. Despite its long history, books and classes dedicated to its analysis, its professional and daily practice, storytelling insight comes to us scattershot — a sprawl of tips and tricks. As with any art, it's a complex subject and while craft and criticality carry us so far, good taste, gut instinct, and inspiration are necessary for getting us the rest of the way.

I'd like to try and make story simple; I'd like to whittle things down. This journal will endeavor to add to the conversation at the same time that it attempts to exhaust it. Exploring story structure and story sensibility through inquiries into the nature of creativity, process, collaboration, and the best practices and working habits of artists, directors, and designers everywhere, this journal will host a continuing conversation about what storytelling is, its importance to us, its impact on our experience of life, and the means of its production.

10 years ago I began blogging with a quote that rings true to me these many years later. It comes from Pixar's former Head of Story, Joe Ranft, and it opens with the words, "Try to draw something that connects with people." Connection: let's begin there.